Dick Jones

Chief Operating Officer

Email: djones@resiliensea.com

  • Sustainable/Responsible Seafood
  • Market Research
  • Consumer Focus and Outreach Planning
  • Procurement Strategy
  • New Product Development
  • Host Presentations and Workshops
  • Facilitate Meetings

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**Dick Jones is currently on hiatus from Resiliensea Group, Inc. to assume the Executive Director position at Ocean Outcomes, an environmental NGO focused on the implementation of improvement efforts in Global fisheries and aquaculture operations. He is not taking on any new business. To discuss potential opportunities with Resiliensea Group, please contact another member of the RGI team. 

Dick Jones is the Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Resiliensea Group, Inc., a seafood industry advisory firm. Dick established Resiliensea Group in 2014 to help seafood companies, NGOs, Foundations and trade associations navigate the waters of sustainable seafood initiatives.

Dick’s passion is helping people integrate the science used to assess seafood with the practical needs of for profit companies. He has a talent for teaching people how to cut through all the noise and operationalize the things that matter. And for companies who don’t have the time to do it for themselves, Resiliensea Group will find the resources to help get you engaged, and will work to ensure that sustainability is woven into the culture of your organization.

A third-generation fishmonger, Dick always had a love for the industry and sees sustainability as the cornerstone of a viable business model. He enjoys getting his hands dirty and tackling the hard problems that come with a Global seafood supply chain.

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Dick now resides in Austin, Texas with his wife Karen and four teenage children. In his time off he loves to travel and explore the local food scene.

Resiliensea Group is a full-service advisory firm dedicated to helping the seafood industry improve performance across all aspects of business.  Their expertise spans the entire footprint of seafood; product sourcing and development, sustainable program development, social issues, governmental relations, marketing, category management, training, and consumer outreach.  Resiliensea Group excels at providing solutions for clients that are practical, efficient, durable and cost-effective.

Phil Gibson’s experience in the seafood/meat industries spans over 30 years.  From 1991 through 2012 he was at Safeway USA, holding a number of management positions at both regional and corporate levels.  In his last position as corporate Seafood Group Director, he was responsible for sales and profits, sustainable sourcing, marketing, private-label products and retail training and execution programs. He was the creator of Safeway’s Waterfront Bistro frozen seafood line, generating over $100 million in annual sales by its third year and ultimately including over 70 SKUs of frozen, refrigerated, and shelf-stable products.  He is the architect for Safeway’s groundbreaking Sustainable Seafood program and the recipient in 2011 of the SeaWeb Seafood Champion award.

Phil currently works with select companies and environmental conservation organizations in an advisory role.  His focus is on helping companies to develop practical and credible programs and policies for improved sourcing and selling practices.  He has developed and is currently developing programs for both global and regional supplier companies as well as national and regional retailers.

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Phil Gibson

Chief Executive Officer

Email: pgibson@resiliensea.com